Noko Choppune [チョップ音のこ]

Noko's name means 'saw chopping sound'. She was supposed to be yandere, and was left with more of an evil streak than a cute, outwards attitude that the yandere type usually has.
She is an albino, not a vampire. She hates vampires, mostly because people always mistake her as one.
She gets easily annoyed, and doesn't like anything considered 'childish'.
She likes antiques and old, mysterious things.
Despite her strict edgeyness, she has a soft spot for baby animals.
She also loves meat, and hates vegetarians.
When she isn't singing, she stays up watching horror movies and PC games.

Basic Info:
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Weight: 90lbs/ 41kg
Height: 5'4"/ 163cm
Birthday & Release date: March 30th
Voice range: A2-C6

Preferred genre: Horror, classic, eerie. She doesn't like pop, and'll be all tsundere about it. :'D
Character item: Raw ham leg
Voice source: Carmle
Likes: Meat, classical music, baby animals, horror, mystery, PC games, cakes, antiques.
Dislikes: Childish things, vampires, vegetarians, RPG games, being called a vampire.
Related characters: Amedama Koori [Reincarnated as Noko]